When it comes to your pool, do you believe muriatic acid is the best you can do? If we stop to think about muriatic acid alternatives for pools in Phoenix, where the water has higher pH levels, we can see that some of them are readily available in our own homes. 

      Muriatic acid has its positives, but it also has a downside. Stay with us to find out what homemade alternatives you can use to control your pool’s pH levels.

      The Disadvantages of Muriatic Acid

      Muriatic acid is diluted hydrochloric acid that contains impurities. It is highly corrosive, a huge drawback for your pool’s equipment. Accidental spills can harm your deck, and since it’s not safe to store in your house, it needs to be used immediately.

      When thinned out with the appropriate amount of water in pools, its harm is reduced. In large quantities, however, it can burn the skin and the eyes, and its fumes can cause health problems when inhaled. 

      Some DIY Alternatives to Muriatic Acid

      How about we try using something we’ve had in our house all along? Here are some alternatives you might want to try, as well as their disadvantages.

      Baking Soda

      Baking soda is easy to find, store, and use. However, when added to Phoenix’s hard water, it can build up calcium at the pool’s edges.

      Citric Acid

      Citric acid is an extremely mild acid found in citrus fruits. Some drawbacks of using it are the large amount needed to change the pH levels and leaving chloroform as a byproduct of its oxidation, which needs additional cleanup.


      Although vinegar is a convenient option found in most households, it leaves behind its infamous odor, making your pools unpleasant to swim in.


      You might have borax in your home right now. It’s used for cleaning and boosting your laundry detergent. It’s mild enough to cause no harm, but its effectiveness is therefore limited.

      Soda Ash

      Sodium carbonate is a cheap and effective pH stabilizer. If not used with caution, though, it can overcorrect the pH levels in your pool, leading to an alkaline environment. 


      Did you know that letting a little breeze and growing some plants near your pool can improve the oxygen and pH levels? However, this process is time-consuming and relies heavily on stable breezy weather.

      Each of these methods can be effective if used with caution and dedication. However, each requires specific aftercare to ensure an enjoyable swimming experience.

      Poolsmith Technologies: Your #1 Solution in Phoenix

      As with any dilemma, there is also a third option. Poolsmith Technologies offers non-toxic CO2 acid for pools, which cares for your family by caring for your pool. 

      This organic pH control system will not harm the surface of your pool, is not poisonous, and does not require special equipment for handling. 

      CO2 is known to stabilize the pH levels safely. Poolsmith has now found the right technology to infuse it into your pool. If you are looking for muriatic acid alternatives for pools in Phoenix, give us a call and enjoy the summer ahead!