Never Use Acid to Control pH Again!

      Poolsmith Technologies provides the Organic pH product for residential pool maintenance. It’s a safe and effective substitute for muriatic acid.

      Finally a Healthy Alternative to Liquid Acid!

      Our patented Organic pH system injects small amounts of recycled carbon dioxide into your pool to balance pH while you work or while you sleep. It’s 100% natural and non-toxic. Our system’s also a breeze to install, operate, and maintain.

      Created by Mother Nature, Developed by Poolsmith

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      Welcome to the home of the original and the only patented CO2 system created with residential customers in mind. We are the pioneers of an acid alternative technology that has been field tested and proven for 20+ years, with satisfied customers across the globe. We are proud of our 5-star service and support that our customers tout on our behalf. 

      When it comes to owning a residential pool, everyone is always looking for more natural products to use in their swimming pools, ways to reduce maintenance, and most importantly the best products to keep their water looking blue and clear. Poolsmith Technologies, the pioneers of CO2 use in residential pools, proudly introduces you to a 100% natural way to produce a unique, non-toxic acid for your swimming pool. If you have ever been concerned about using acid, make the switch today!


      The Organic pH control system is the only thoughtfully developed, patented, and field-proven residential CO2 system available – it has been documented and observed on real-life pools for over 20 years! It is designed specifically to meet the practical needs of residential pool owners. The value of our system is a safer, more convenient pool maintenance experience, consistently balanced pH (even in the toughest conditions), and the prolonged life of your pool finish and equipment!

      By injecting tiny amounts of recycled Carbon Dioxide (CO2) into your pool, Organic pH uses a completely organic process to produce a unique, non-toxic acid know as carbonic acid that requires no handling, mixing, or dispensing. Our patented process utilizes all-natural carbonic acid instead of liquid acid. While you work or while you sleep, Organic pH is automatically managing and stabilizing your pool’s pH − day-in, day-out, week-in, and week out.

      Easy Maintenance, Safer Pools with Our Organic pH Control System

      Poolsmith Technologies provides muriatic swimming pool acid alternatives for pools using a best-in-class, field-proven CO2-based pH control system. This ensures your pool is sparkling and non-toxic. We provide transparent pricing for all of our products. You can buy a bundled system, complete with a control unit and cylinders, or separate products. And we support our customers every step of the way because we are not just a product company; we are a customer-first company. Our family-owned, veteran-owned, and proud U.S. based company is totally committed to exceeding your expectations. We proudly guarantee your satisfaction!

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      What Our Customers Have to Say

      “One word: ingenious

      Between this system and my salt system, I literally haven’t messed with my pool for over 6 weeks. I’ve checked my levels three times now – staying perfect. Adding a pH control system to my pool finally makes feels like it’s 2019 and we’ve actually figured out how to maintain a pool…”

      Tim, Georgia

      “Your wonderful product solved my problem. I was having to add acid to my saltwater pool every other day to keep my pH on target.

      I was so excited when I received your product. It took me less than an hour to completely have the system up and running. Quality product and well engineered made the installation smooth and quick.

      I calibrated the controller and the next day it was right on. It has been two months and it’s still on target. Not having to handle acid any longer is a win-win for me.”

      John, Texas

      “Surprisingly easy!

      Got the CO2 tanks a couple days after receiving the pH controller. I hung the controller on the wall, connected the tubes from there to the tanks and pump, and plugged it in. Took me a few days to adjust it, and now it looks like it’s doing the job!”

      Grant, Florida

      “I tested my pH after running CO2 for a week and the pH dropped from 7.9 to 7.6. I am really happy and the alkalinity has stayed stable. I had the water tested at the pool shop and the guy was amazed. I just wanted to pass along my gratitude in creating such a great system!”

      – Ivan, Australia

      More Questions?

      Poolsmith Technologies is the only company that provides a patented organic and non-toxic pH control system for residential pools. If you have further questions about our control system, cylinders, and CO2’s effect on your pool, please reach out to our friendly, knowledgeable team.

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