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      Organic pH
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       by Mark O'Connor
      Great product

      Been using the Poolsmith Organic ph controller for 5 years. It works excellent. In the pool industry its actually one of the few things that does as described. Customer service is exceptional.

       by Mike Radel
      Great Support

      Life in Arizona has been a flip for us since moving from Montana, weather specifically, but enjoying all this state has to offer. Alex with Poolsmith has been supportive, responsive, and professional. His energy and knowledge of pool systems is commendable, but his honesty and support is greatly appreciated. Neighbors recommended him and Poolsmith to us. We are so thankful for the installed system and the ease with which it makes managing our pool’s chemistry. Great product! Great service with an upbeat personality!

       by Nick
      PH Balancer

      Purchased the PH Balancer from a distributor manufactured by Poolsmith. The Balancer works great and just after 2 weeks the PH is 7.6 and the chlorinator for the salt water pool had to be turned down because the free chlorine levels were increasing and now the salt water chlorinator doesn’t have to work as hard in the Arizona heat and sun. I've talked to Alex several times during the installation and he was a great help and actually drove over to the house to bring extra nylon air line. Great resource of knowledge.

       by Joe C.
      No need for adding acid anymore

      We purchased a Circupool Salt system. System works great but we had to purchase and add muriatic acid to the pool. When Covid started we had trouble getting pool supplies.
      I purchased and installed the Total Balance system. Problem solved. We have a 14,000 gallon pool and only used on cylinder of CO2 in the remainder of that season. I refill the CO2 cylinder at the local welding supply store. The system takes care of itself. Daily testing of the water and slight adjustments to the system is all that is needed. Crystal clear water and no purchases of dangerous chemicals.

       by Matty Git
      A Game-Changer in Pool Maintenance: Pooolsmith's Carbon Dioxide-Based pH Control System

      I am now in year two of experiencing Pooolsmith's Carbon Dioxide-Based pH Control System for pools, and I must say it has completely transformed the way I maintain my pool. This innovative system has revolutionized pH control, providing unparalleled efficiency, accuracy, and convenience. Here's why I believe Pooolsmith's system deserves nothing short of a glowing review.

      First and foremost, the use of carbon dioxide as the primary pH control agent is a game-changer. Unlike traditional methods that rely on harsh chemicals, Pooolsmith's system utilizes carbon dioxide, a safe and environmentally friendly option. Not only does it effectively balance the pH levels in the pool, but it also reduces the need for additional chemicals, ensuring a healthier swimming environment for both humans and aquatic life.

      One of the standout features of this system is its exceptional accuracy. The precise dosing mechanism ensures that the pH levels are maintained within the optimal range at all times. By constantly monitoring and adjusting the CO2 injection, the system provides a stable and consistent pH level, eliminating the frustration of constantly testing and adjusting chemicals manually. It's a hands-off approach that saves time and effort while ensuring crystal clear water.

      Furthermore, the ease of use and automation offered by Pooolsmith's system are truly remarkable. Once the system is set up, it seamlessly integrates into the pool's existing infrastructure, making installation a breeze. The intelligent control panel allows for simple adjustments and customization, giving pool owners complete control over their water chemistry. The system's automated processes take care of pH maintenance, leaving pool owners with more time to relax and enjoy their pool.

      I must commend Pooolsmith for their exceptional customer support and commitment to satisfaction. From the moment I contacted them, their team was responsive, knowledgeable, and eager to assist. They patiently answered all my questions, guided me through the installation process, and even provided helpful tips for pool maintenance. Their dedication to customer service is truly commendable.

      In conclusion, Pooolsmith's Carbon Dioxide-Based pH Control System has exceeded my expectations in every way. It is a technological marvel that has transformed the way I care for my pool. The system's reliance on carbon dioxide, combined with its accuracy, ease of use, and outstanding customer support, makes it an indispensable addition to any pool owner's arsenal. If you're looking for a reliable and environmentally friendly solution for pH control in your pool, I wholeheartedly recommend Pooolsmith's system. It's a true game-changer!

       by David Daughenbaugh
      Patriotic Convenience!!

      This company exemplifies what is truly great about America. This is American ingenuity; American small business; American private enterprise at its best. This company is emblematic of the hard work of development, marketing, and customer service. The owner "gets" customer service!! The installation went great and he came back a second time at my request for a "want" adjustment and did not charge me. This system works!! No more acid, baking soda, or weekly maintenance. One is definitely purchasing convenience, safety, and a higher degree of PH stability. It is a little expensive, but do we begrudge the hard work, risk-taking, and R&D costs involved in small business? Not at all!! I support it; I feel American!!

       by Tom
      Get it.

      First, a quick insight on why adding CO2 to maintain pH is better than acid (HCl).  Pool pH needs to be ~7.5 for both swimmer comfort and to assure the effectiveness of the pool disinfectant (chlorine).

      Chlorine is typically added to a pool as a high pH sodium hypochlorite solution (Na+ OCl-), but, the chlorine can be added in a variety of forms.  Sodium hypochlorite is just the sodium salt of hypochlorous acid (HOCl), analogous to how table salt (NaCl) is the sodium salt of hydrochloric acid (HCl). Although you’re adding sodium hypochlorite to your pool, that’s not what is disinfecting the water.  The disinfectant is the hypochlorous acid.

      So, how do you get hypochlorous acid from the hypochlorite salt solution?  By lowering the pH, the dissolved hypochlorite salt is converted to HOCl, the disinfectant.  At a pH of 7.5 half of the chlorine you’ve added is present as HOCl acid and half as OCl- (the dissolved salt form).  That 50/50 ratio and 7.5 pH is ideal for swimming pools.  If the pH drifts above 7.8, very little HOCl is available for disinfection, and at a pH below 7.2 the water may be irritating to swimmers.  7.5 pH is the “sweet spot”.

      How does CO2 affect this?  Carbon dioxide is an acid in water, and present as a gas when the pH is below 8.3.  As a gas, it wants to escape into the atmosphere (think of soda pop).  When that happens, the carbonic acid is removed and the pool pH rises, slowly approaching 8.3 (depending on a few other factors).  As the pH rises above 7.5, the effectiveness of the sanitizer is reduced exponentially (i.e. a lot).  That’s why it’s so important to keep pool pH under control.

      The typical way to control pH is by adding hydrochloric acid, which converts sodium and calcium bicarbonate alkalinity (HCO3-) to CO2 and salt.  The CO2 replaces the CO2 that off-gassed (pH control), while the added salt contributes to dissolved solids (TDS), causing corrosion and reducing sanitizer effectiveness over time.

      Rather than adding a strong acid, why not just replace the CO2 that escaped with more CO2?  That way there’s no impact to alkalinity or TDS, and it maintains water chemistry at steady state (no big chemistry swings) and without “operator intervention”.  The answer is:  You SHOULD.

      Of course, the CO2 system needs to be reliable and cost effective.  It is.  I’ve had my system in continuous operation for 18 months, without any issues at all.  I haven’t had to buy/store/use any acid during that time.  My CO2 cylinders are routinely replaced about every six months on a 20,000 gallon pool with lots of water features (waterfalls, fountains, etc.).

      Recently, and why I wrote this review, I had a slow CO2 leak and I couldn’t find the source.  I called Alex and he came right over (I’m in Phoenix).  After troubleshooting he found the leak in the pneumatic tubing that had been nicked by my yard guy.  We replaced the tubing and we’re back in business.  I can’t say enough about the service, the guarantee, and Alex’s commitment to his customers and this technology.

      CO2 has been used to control commercial (large scale) pool chemistry for years, but the associated instrumentation/controls was prohibitive for residential use.  Alex’s Poolsmith Organic pH system now makes it cost-effective, reliable and simple for residential application.

      Get it.

      I’m a happy pool owner, a Poolsmith customer, and a Chemical Engineer.  But, you don’t have to be a water geek to appreciate this technology.

       by Tim Davis
      Incredible Product from Awesome People!!!

      Before purchasing a system I spent almost an hour on the phone with Alex asking every question I could think of. He was so patient but also incredibly knowledgeable. At the end of our conversation he said "buy it and if you aren't happy when its time to refill the cylinders, I'll refund everything." Well Alex, keep my money because this thing saves me money, time and headache! I battled extremely high PH everyday due to our ambient temps in South Florida. I travel 100% of the time for work and between my wife and I we couldn't keep up on water balance. Secondly, I hated having her handle muriatic acid on a daily basis. Locally the cost of muriatic acid is now almost $15 a gallon and I needed a gallon a week. This system works as described and is an absolute must for a saltwater pool. Alex can't be beat in customer service as well. He's not only helpful but he cares that you get the results you're looking for. I just can't say anything bad about the entire experience and I hope this system continues to grow in popularity because it is absolutely the way balance should be achieved. Thank you Alex! I wish the pool business had more people like you in it.

       by Greg
      Peace of mind

      I have a new pool in Payson AZ, and I am traveling frequently. My intellichem system would empty the acid tank in less than a week. The organic ph system has allowed me to sleep at night knowing i will not wake up to ph of 8.0. Thank you Alex. Easy to install, easy to setup, works while I travel and sleep.

       by Steve Lunn
      Excellent "6 Star" customer support!

      Alex and Carmelle are rock stars of customer service ! They are easy to reach and always ready to answer my newbie questions. Alex even came out to make an infusion adjustment for me when I was out of town and still getting the system dialed in.
      Great system supported by a great family team. Highly recommended, you can't go wrong working with these guys.

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