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Organic pH
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by Charles VanAcker on Organic pH
The Organic pH control system works perfectly...

Alex and his wife were great. The organic pH control works perfectly. Sure beats my old method adding muriatic every week. Algae was eliminated (Arizona) between the Poolsmith product and converting to a salt chlorine generator. I am a retired automotive engineer, new to pool chemistry. I've tried every pool chemistry method out there: tabs, liquid chlorine, powdered shock, and of course muriatic acid pH control. I give this product 5 of 5 stars. Having the CO2 cylinders recharged every 3-6 months is still much more convenient than old school methods.

by Duncan Bartlett on Organic pH
Works as advertised

I was skeptical how well this would work but it is rock solid. Adjusting the # to get it dialed in was the hardest part (how much the pool is covered or used makes a difference) but no work at all.

by Ed & Sheila on Organic pH
Skeptical at first but it is just unbelievable!

We have been using our pool a lot with the Covid-19 stay-at-home order and the water quality has never been this nice. I installed the C02 system in April 2019 (very easy). Our 14 year-old 13,000 gallon Shasta Pool & Spa has a newer type CircuPool salt system and a Pebble-Tech interior finish with tile all around the water line.

Of late we noticed the mineral deposits (white stains) on our pool tiles appeared to be just falling off. This is just unbelievable. We have tried so many methods to remove the mineral deposits with zero luck over the years! Maybe it’s the C02 system constantly maintaining the pH without acid? My understanding is carbonate scale is the most common type of scaling, and it is primarily affected by the pool’s pH levels. High pH levels are what drives calcium carbonate out of solution and into scale form. Our old in-floor cleaning system has always left a few areas where it would leave debris and now there are little piles of white scale from the pool tiles. Over the last few months our pool tiles have become almost stain-free!

It is so nice not to be handling muriatic acid, and the total alkalinity has not required adjustment for months, and Alex been so helpful with any questions we have had.

by Brian on Organic pH
Love this System!

After struggling to keep my pH balanced with my chlorinator, I was happy I found Poolsmith Technologies and Carmelle and Alex! What's more - they live in the same town so they understand the type of water we have. I'm going on my 3rd season with my system - and to this day, if I have any questions about my tanks or system, Alex is always there to take my call. A+ on customer service. A++ on the system. My water feels like silk. I'm now a pH snob. 🙂

by Stan Chambers on Organic pH
Simple and great

Purchased October 2016. Excellent system. Very simple. Very effective. I don't even touch it for about six months and then all I do is switch out the tanks. (I use three 55 lb tanks) Keeps a constant 7.2 PH. I have had it for about three years and without any trouble.
Works great with my copper and Ozone pool. (No Chlorine)

by Chris Griffin on Organic pH
I can’t say enough good things about the Organic pH system!

Purchased March 2019. I’ve had it on my pool for over a year now, with amazing results! I own a luxury pool company in Phoenix, AZ, and my clients are always looking for chemical free solutions – and this one hit the spot. Organic pH and CO2 has allowed me to remove the use of acid from the maintenance of pH in our swimming pools. It’s super easy to install (my guys got trained in less than 15 minutes), and ideal for either new pools or remodel pools. Amazing technology – thanks Organic pH!

by John Cohen on Organic pH
This is the best system of its kind.

As the pioneer of advanced non-toxic pool technology my applications began with 500lb bulk drums of 35% hydrogen peroxide and Del Zone injection systems in the early 1990s. I have been developing and improving the synergistic combinations of various equipment to have currently the most sophisticated sanitizing systems in operation anywhere without the use of any kind of halogen based chemicals. I always explained that using CO2 was like making the pool into a giant seltzer drink. When I first spoke to Alex from Poolsmith I told my good friend Steve Staples from Chlor-Free who is a partner in non toxic pool development with me, that I found a company with a sensible injection system that would be much more effective than what we had been using. Steve was skeptical but soon found out that Poolsmith was really efficient. Green Pastures Group and Chlor-Free have been using only this system now for two years along with our array of non toxic pool equipment with the results being obvious to both our companies immediately. Our pools serve clients like Jennifer Lopez, Dan Akroyd and we have pools on our clientele profile like the Beverly Hills Hotel. This is the best system of its kind.
John Cohen
President of Green Pastures Group

by Jonathan Fein on Organic pH
Still Going Strong

You can see my original review on the Testimonials page of Our Product under Jonathan Texas.
That was in August 2018. The system is as good as new, if not even better. Now I get a steady 7.4 with a 10,000 gallon setting.
In the arcane world of pool water chemistry, this system is tops. The only thing I need acid for now is to reduce total alkalinity due to what I call my "crazy water."
Give this system a try. You will be glad you did.

by Mark O'Connor on Organic pH
Excellent product and customer service

Bought one last May of 2019. Our pool was 100,000 gallons (chlorine) so I needed a little help getting the ph dialed in. Best customer service one could ask for. Winterized the pool for the season and just last week turned it back on and it picked right back up. Great product that does what it should.

by Keith Barto on Organic pH
Fantastic Experience & Product!

Purchased April 2019. We converted our pool to salt water and noticed that every time the cell ran - the pH would go up and we would have to add acid to the pool. The point of converting to salt water was to make the pool easier to maintain and more skin friendly. I called Alex and he talked me through the product - on a Sunday - and we ordered and had the system later that week. What a difference Poolsmith has made to maintaining our pool pH! Really love that we didn't have to drill into the pipes - just hook up the injector via the pump drain port - so easy! Highly recommend Poolsmith!

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