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      Organic pH
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      by Steve on Organic pH
      Up and running

      Have salt system AND new hydrazzo finish so PH was hard to control - with new finish wanted to get this stabilized ASAP - thus installed this PH control system and so far it has worked perfectly. Prior to installing, PH would move from 7.4 after adding acid to over 8 in one day - now it has been steady between 7.2 and 7.6 for the week it's been installed. Only install issue was the power outlet - plug for this system takes up 2 spots it's so big - so I had to rewire another outlet for the plug. Alex has been great answering a few questions I had - great support. FYI - to fill my cylinders I found the most convenient place was at a local fire extinguisher company.

      by Sara Murphy on Organic pH
      I'm telling everyone I know about it!

      We are so happy with our decision to install this system! It has been just over a week but daily water testing shows perfectly balanced PH without ever touching a bottle of acid. I was adding acid to my pool 2-3 times per week prior to this. My PH was always on the high side. Between the cost of pool chemicals lately and the fact that Muriatic Acid is NASTY stuff I was more than happy to find another way to keep our pool chemicals balanced.

      Communication with Alex (the owner) and his wife have been excellent. Install was a breeze. Everything is great and with their 6 month money back guarantee I figured we didn't have anything to lose!

      We are looking forward to years of perfectly balanced chemicals and I am telling everyone I know about it. This should come standard with all new pools!

      by Marty on Organic pH
      Hands free pool pH control

      I am a big advocate for using CO2 for pH control coming from a biotech background. This is common practice in batch reactors. A pool is nothing more than a big "batch" of water. I found poolsmith via circupool and couldn't believe that someone finally made a residential CO2 system for pool pH! I ordered this unit and right away I saw it was helping. Incredibly easy to install and setup. I struggled a bit in the beginning as I have several pool features (rock waterfalls, fountains, etc...) which would offgas the CO2. After working with Alex he helped me every step of the way to make it right! You won't find customer service better than poolsmith. They genuinely want to ensure you experience the best the company has to offer. I highly recommend the unit if getting close to hands free pool maintenance is important to you.

      by Lawrence Zweibel on Organic pH

      The carbon dioxide system to regulate PH is far superior to adding acid constantly in order to maintain constant PH with salt water pools. The PH is better regulated with far less fluctuations. Total alkalinity is more stable, another benefit.

      When I had a questions on operating the system after installation Alex was very helpful.

      by Daniel Wolfe on Organic pH
      Very impressed

      I live in NJ and have a salt water pool. Almost every day the pH would spike to over 8.0, so I was constantly adding muriatic acid to it in order to maintain the appropriate LSI. I recently installed the organic pH control system from Poolsmith and I am extremely impressed. The system is really easy to install and Alex and the team are very helpful answering any questions (admittedly I would have had my question answered if I watched all the videos on the site... highly recommend doing so). Overnight my pH is now under control. This system should be standard installation on all salt water pools.

      by Russ Tjepkema on Organic pH
      Really Works

      This works.

      I purchased a home with a 22K gal plaster pool and SWG system. PH would rapidly max requiring muriatic acid additions every couple of days. I am convinced the wide range of PH resulted in unsightly deposits in my pool surface ultimately leading to destructing and resurfacing of the pool. A costly event. I installed this system (simple installation) and Alex provided the best customer service I've experienced. They truly back their product. Today my PH remains constant with no unsightly deposits forming on the new gunite surface. If you have a SWG system and plaster pool this is a must have.

      by Charles VanAcker on Organic pH
      The Organic pH control system works perfectly...

      Alex and his wife were great. The organic pH control works perfectly. Sure beats my old method adding muriatic every week. Algae was eliminated (Arizona) between the Poolsmith product and converting to a salt chlorine generator. I am a retired automotive engineer, new to pool chemistry. I've tried every pool chemistry method out there: tabs, liquid chlorine, powdered shock, and of course muriatic acid pH control. I give this product 5 of 5 stars. Having the CO2 cylinders recharged every 3-6 months is still much more convenient than old school methods.

      by Duncan Bartlett on Organic pH
      Works as advertised

      I was skeptical how well this would work but it is rock solid. Adjusting the # to get it dialed in was the hardest part (how much the pool is covered or used makes a difference) but no work at all.

      by Ed & Sheila on Organic pH
      Skeptical at first but it is just unbelievable!

      We have been using our pool a lot with the Covid-19 stay-at-home order and the water quality has never been this nice. I installed the C02 system in April 2019 (very easy). Our 14 year-old 13,000 gallon Shasta Pool & Spa has a newer type CircuPool salt system and a Pebble-Tech interior finish with tile all around the water line.

      Of late we noticed the mineral deposits (white stains) on our pool tiles appeared to be just falling off. This is just unbelievable. We have tried so many methods to remove the mineral deposits with zero luck over the years! Maybe it’s the C02 system constantly maintaining the pH without acid? My understanding is carbonate scale is the most common type of scaling, and it is primarily affected by the pool’s pH levels. High pH levels are what drives calcium carbonate out of solution and into scale form. Our old in-floor cleaning system has always left a few areas where it would leave debris and now there are little piles of white scale from the pool tiles. Over the last few months our pool tiles have become almost stain-free!

      It is so nice not to be handling muriatic acid, and the total alkalinity has not required adjustment for months, and Alex been so helpful with any questions we have had.

      by Brian on Organic pH
      Love this System!

      After struggling to keep my pH balanced with my chlorinator, I was happy I found Poolsmith Technologies and Carmelle and Alex! What's more - they live in the same town so they understand the type of water we have. I'm going on my 3rd season with my system - and to this day, if I have any questions about my tanks or system, Alex is always there to take my call. A+ on customer service. A++ on the system. My water feels like silk. I'm now a pH snob. 🙂

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