Why We Do What We Do

      Non-Toxic Acid For Swimming Pools

      Poolsmith Technologies was born from a pool service business we started in Phoenix, AZ in 2003. After handling acid on a daily basis and also dealing with difficult Arizona water, we quickly discovered there was a need for an alternative to acid! In particular, we were searching for a solution that would actually stabilize pH on a continual basis with minimal human intervention. In short, we wanted to get off the brutal pH merry-go-round that included liquid acid!

      In 2005, we installed our first test system as a safe alternative to muriatic swimming pool acid after thousands of hours of research and development studying CO2 use in commercial pools, ponic farming operations, and high-end aquariums. After two years of extensive field testing, coupled with weekly observations of our real-world CO2 test pools in the Phoenix area, we discovered a truly unique absorption process that would become our market differentiator.

      In 2007 we filed for a utility patent on the unique process we created to allow for the practical use of CO2 in everyday pools. Our patent was issued, and we haven’t looked back since!

      Now we proudly sell our system worldwide, helping people with genuine concerns ranging from basic to some of the most difficult water chemistry problems. Importantly we see ourselves as educators, not salespeople…we’re here to help. We know the industry hasn’t caught up to us in fully understanding the benefits of CO2. Further, we know they are light-years behind us in the deployment of a successful CO2 absorption process. But we’re not waiting for the inevitable. We’re already there and we will continue to lead from the front and give our customers a consistent, predictable, and successful option for stabilizing pH!

      We are family and veteran owned, and proudly manufacture in the USA.