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Organic pH™ system pricing is fully transparent so you see exactly what you’re paying for! 

You have the option of purchasing the System only (without CO2 cylinders) and buying your CO2 cylinders separately; or for your convenience, you also have the option of purchasing a Bundled System (with CO2 cylinders) from us.

Why would I purchase my cylinders separately?

At Poolsmith we developed and manufacture Organic pH. While we do sell CO2 cylinders if our customers feel more comfortable purchasing from us, we are not a cylinder manufacturer and therefore cannot offer the most competitive pricing.

In true Poolsmith style though, we are fully transparent. We found this awesome online source that is super cost effective! We love Gas Cylinder Source and we’ve included links below to the two most common sizes used with our system. Gas Cylinder Source provides immediate shipping quotes based on your address too!

Where can I purchase my cylinders?

As mentioned throughout our site, you can purchase cylinders from most beverage or welding supply stores! If you are purchasing on your own, you want aluminum cylinders, with collars, and no siphon tubes!

The online store we mentioned, Gas Cylinder Source, is also a great option. We have included links to their site below!

20lb Cylinders35lb Cylinders

Calculate how long CO2 will last on our most popular configurations!

Time between refills may vary if pool has large spillway or water feature.

Triple 20
Triple 35

Poolsmith System & Cylinder Pricing

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