We all love a sparkling, inviting pool on a hot summer day, but what happens when that crystal-clear water turns murky and unpleasant? If you’re experiencing issues with your pool water, the culprit could be an imbalanced pH level.

      Pool water pH is a crucial factor that can make or break your swimming experience. It’s not just about aesthetics – pH levels affect the safety and health of everyone who uses the pool. Unfortunately, pH imbalances are a common issue that can cause various problems, from skin and eye irritation to equipment damage.

      Read more to learn why a pH-imbalanced pool can be cause for concern. In addition, you’ll find out where to turn to for reliable pool maintenance pH in Phoenix.

      What can go wrong with ph imbalanced water

      1. High pH Levels Cancel Out Chlorine – In general, if the pH level in your pool is above 7.8, it means the effects of chlorine would be useless. In other words, the pool water might be contaminated with bacteria since the primary purpose of chlorine is to disinfect the water.The more the pH levels increase, the lesser the effect of chlorine will be. In such a scenario, you’ll eventually pay more for chlorine and still not have entirely safe pool water.
      2. Low pH Levels Cause Skin and Eye Irritations – Low pH levels indicate high acidity in water, which is harmful on its own. Acidic environments are dangerous since they can irritate the eyes and the skin, stripping the dermis of its oils and causing dryness and itchiness of the skin.In addition, highly acidic water affects the hair, too, causing excessive dryness and brittleness.
      3. pH Levels That Are Off Balance Damage the Pool Liners – Whether the pH levels in your pool water are high or low, the vinyl liners will inevitably suffer damage. The connection between pH levels and vinyl liners can be explained through an example of water absorption.PH-imbalanced pool water causes the vinyl liner to absorb water and wrinkle up pretty badly. In fact, vinyl liners can absorb up to 10% of their weight.
      4. Low pH Levels Open the Way for Corrosion – One of the most dreaded consequences of acidic pool water is corrosion. When pool water is more acidic than usual, it will affect everything from the pool pumps, the filters, the mechanical systems, the railings, ladders, and so on.Other than rendering your pool unsightly, corrosion is a health hazard. People can cut themselves on corroded railings, baseboards, and other elements in your pool.
      5. High pH Levels Cloud Pool Water – To a lot of pool owners, nothing is more off-putting than murky water. Cloudiness in pools is often the result of imbalanced pH levels. Typically, mineral deposits cause water to cloud and become murky because as the pH rises, a lot of minerals dissolve.

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