Normally there’s no issue with pools during the summer; however, heat waves or especially hot days can make a difference. If you live in a warm climate year-round, the heat can be abnormally hot and cause various problems.

      States like Arizona are no strangers to high temperatures and dry weather. When summer months come, the temperatures may swell as high as 107°F. Coupled with intense UV light exposure, this can cause water sources like pools to evaporate fast. Most pools have chlorine in them, and due to hot weather, this halogen disintegrates just as quickly. 

      However, there are ways to mitigate and control pool maintenance pH in Phoenix. Below we give you some of them. 

      Performing Proper Pool Maintenance During Summer

      Outdoor pools during summer need special care that must be provided on a strict schedule. There are a few important things you need to remember.

      PH Levels Must Be Checked Weekly 

      During the hottest months of the year, you must check the pH levels in your outdoor pool every week. This is something you can do by using a handy pool test kit. 

      Professional reading can also be beneficial. Pro-tester will check your pool and take samples to analyze at a pool store. This way, it’s not just chlorine levels that will be examined but also minerals and the alkalinity of the water. 

      Make Sure Your Pool Is Always Full

      As we said, water evaporates under intense heat. While doing a pH reading, you must also keep an eye on the water levels of your pool. If you notice it has gotten lower than usual, you’ll have to fill it up again. This also means you will have to re-adjust the acids in the water again.

      Find the Right Acid Appropriate Sanitizer

      Depending on the acid-base you use for your pool, you can only use certain cleaning supplies. If you have a chlorine pool, then it is chlorine you need to get rid of algae and bacteria.

      Bromine is also a halogen like chlorine and works well as a disinfectant. It’s usually used in commercial pools. Another well-known choice is UV light, but its dose must be measured precisely. There are also more organic solutions to try. 

      Use a Solar Blanket

      Solar blankets are covers that help your pool maintain its warmth and protect it from UV rays. They are made of UV-stabilized materials and bubble layers. It’s advised to use the blankets to cover your pool during the night and on cloudy days to help prevent water from evaporating.  

      Find the Right Cleaning Service

      Cleaning your filters and vacuuming the pool floor is another thing you must do to keep your pool water clean. However, this can be taxing. That’s why finding a trustworthy cleaning team can benefit you in the long run. While it might cost more to have the service done for you, a professional knows just how to get the job done. 

      Poolsmith Technologies: Get the Best Pool Maintenance pH in Phoenix

      Sizzling weather in Phoenix can be a problem for outdoor pools, but with regular maintenance and using the right equipment, you’ll be ready to face the heat. However, when it comes to keeping your pool clean, it’s best to leave it to the professionals!

      Here at Poolsmith Technologies, we offer pool owners reliable services. We provide quality organic pool maintenance pH in Phoenix so you can leave the burden of dealing with acids behind. 

      Call us today, and let us take care of your pool so you can cool down during the scorching Phoenix days!