Water discoloration and cloudiness are two of the most common issues pool owners face. In fact, cloudy pool water is the breeding ground for bacteria growth and algae formation, which can lead to many health issues.

      Other than being an absolute horror to look at, cloudy pool water is a health hazard, too, so if you want to make sure your relaxation retreat isn’t anywhere near clouded water, there are a few methods you can practice.

      Stay with us and continue reading our blog on how to deal with cloudy pool water. Moreover, we’ll make sure you get the right information about where to turn for the most encompassing pool maintenance service in Phoenix!

      The Basics of Non-Cloudy Pool Water

      Besides making your pool look like a marsh, cloudy pool water can lead to some health concerns, too. Cough, eye irritation, and skin allergies are some of the health issues caused by tainted pool water.

      Other than being a health hazard, cloudy pool water can also cause damage your pool system and its overall structure. Namely, unclean pool water can cause the insides of your pool’s walls to stain and even cause corrosion to the pool gear.

      To prevent your pool from turning into a greenish pool of unsafe liquid, we’ll let you in on the secrets of professional pool services

      Shock the Pool!

      Shock treatments are probably the most efficient method for keeping your pool water clean. Pool shockers, also known as pool clarifiers, revolve around adding massive amounts of chlorine into the water.

      The thing about pool shock is that it removes the buildup of combined chlorine molecules and disperses the cloudiness caused by bacteria, debris, weather conditions, or algae bloom. 

      To ensure your pool water is safe and clean to swim in, do shock treatments once every two weeks. Plus, you must know not to use the pool within 24 hours of the shock treatment.

      Keep the Filter Running!

      Keep the Filter Running

      A pool filter that’s been out of use for some time might not be able to perform in full, so as a conscious pool owner, you should make sure to run your pool filter for a minimum of eight hours a day. The eight-hour window is the approximate time it takes for a standard pool pump to filter a medium-sized pool.

      Before starting the filter, make absolutely sure that nothing is clogging it – if there is, deep-clean it and then let it run. Also, depending on which type of filter you use, you might need to restock the filter components.

      Put the Bottom Drains to Use!

      Often, cloudy water is the result of stagnant water that’s been sitting in your pool, opening the window for bacteria to develop and rendering the water tainted. Put the bottom drains to use to ensure you’ve “stirred the water” just right. 

      Bottom drains will eliminate sediment and debris by directing all of the “intruders” to the filter. But, if your pool doesn’t have bottom drains, you can use a pool vacuum and place it in the middle of the bottom of your pool. Flip it with the face down and let it do its work.

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