Having a pool in your yard is the best fun time for the hot summer days. With an average of 299 sunny days in the year, having an inground pool in Phoenix is a real blessing. So it is no wonder that the pool market is $1.3 billion for 2022.

      However, many people complain of cloudy water in their pools. A good company for pH balance pool maintenance in Phoenix can help you get rid of this problem. If you are struggling with the same issue, read on to see the causes and how you can solve them fast.


      Causes for Cloudy Swimming Pool Water

      There are many reasons behind the unclear swimming pool water. It frequently happens that the chlorine and microbe levels are perfect, but the water still looks cloudy. So what muddies the water? 


      Your Pool Water Lacks Chlorine

      Proper chemical balance is essential for clear swimming pool water. Free chlorine is the chemical responsible for microbe prevention and the clear appearance of the water. With low chlorine levels, the free chlorine combines with ammonia, resulting in chloramine. This chemical makes the water cloudy and susceptible to developing microbes and algae. 

      What To Do: Regularly inspect the free and combined chlorine in your pool water. The ideal amount of free chlorine is 1-3 ppm (parts per million), while the optimal amount of combined chlorine should not exceed 5 ppm. Note that the sun speeds up chlorine degradation, so you need cyanuric acid to neutralize the process. 


      Outdoor Impurities

      You can’t do much to control external contamination. The most common reason for cloudy pool water is usurpers like tree leaves, dust, or debris brought by rain or sandy winds. While you can’t prevent environmental changes, there is a way to keep pool water clean. 

      Outdoor Backyard Garden Swimming Pool Maintenance

      What To Do: First, use a leave-catcher to collect the leaves from the water surface. If you spot algae growing in your pool, shock the water immediately. Then, brush the pool edges where the algae are growing. Finally, test the chemical balance.


      Chemistry Imbalance

      Proper pH levels and calcium hardness are essential for clear pool water. Maintain the pH levels around 7 and calcium hardness at 200-400 ppm. 

      What To Do: Check out the alkalinity and calcium hardness regularly, and add more chemicals when necessary.


      Natural Ways To Clean the Pool Water Fast

      Not many know that there are organic ways to clean your pool. This different approach can be equally efficient yet healthier for your body and skin. Here are 3 natural water cleaners:

      • Baking Soda – This all-purpose ingredient, combined with water, makes an outstanding cleaning agent. You can use it as a non-abrasive paste for cleaning dirt and debris and for extra shine.
      • Hydrogen Peroxide – This is the best natural cleaner of chloramine, algae, and different harmful bacteria. You can clean the pool with 35% hydrogen peroxide, which you can find in the pharmacy, pool store, or online. 
      • Borax – You can mix this natural ingredient with water to make a natural paste cleaner for your pool. It’s great for slippery areas, accumulated sticky dirt, or other pool stains. 


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