No wonder pool maintenance in Phoenix is so popular. The city has the highest percentage of residential pools — up to 32.7% of homeowners have them. With summer knocking on our doorstep and temperatures rising, you might also be tempted to install a pool in your backyard.

      However, owning a pool is not as fun and easy as it sounds. There are certain factors you need to consider — from obtaining building permits before installation to maintaining water pH balance once the pool is actually installed.

      Dive into pool building and maintenance fully prepared. Check out these four main things you should consider before installing a pool on your Phoenix property.

      Pool Maintenance in Phoenix: 4 Key Steps

      1. Budget

      The average cost of building a pool in Phoenix ranges between $9,500 and $32,000. But, location is not the only thing that will influence the cost of your pool. There are multiple other factors, including the pool size, material, design, and features. For instance, you’re likely to spend more on pool installation if you build an in-ground pool with enclosures, live in an urban area, or opt for porcelain tiles.

      1. Building Permits

      Every state has unique rules when it comes to residential construction. When installing a pool in Arizona, you need to apply for a building permit. The cost for the permit will vary depending on your pool size and design. Additionally, applying for a permit is a complex process, so it’s best to consult experienced contractors and learn important information beforehand.

      pool in the winter

      1. Design

      Spool, plunge, saltwater, natural, infinity — the limitless possibilities of pool designs are mesmerizing. But if you’re opting for a custom architect-designed pool, consider the design cost and practicality. Ask yourself if you are willing to spend more for an infinity pool instead of a classic above-ground pool.

      1. Maintenance

      Maintenance is the most important factor in deciding which type of pool to install and whether to install one at all. Keep in mind that a pool might negatively affect your property value if it’s not regularly cleaned and maintained. In fact, in these cases, an abandoned pool can become a serious health hazard.

      Besides removing leaves and debris, you also need to scrub and vacuum the pool’s floor and walls, balance pH levels and chemicals, maintain the pump, test the water, and discard sediments. If you don’t have the time for this, or if you would rather have someone else handle it, contact local professionals.

      Jump in Your New Pool with Confidence

      For Phoenix homeowners who don’t enjoy pool maintenance or don’t have time for it, here’s a solution!

      The Poolsmith Technologies Pool pH Control System focuses on the ideal pH levels. The system controls pH balance on its own, and all you have to do is refill it every 6 months to 2 years. For your peace of mind, we use organic pH and give advice on the condition of your pool.

      Contact us to learn more about our services so you can make the most of your pool!