Last year, the demand for pool builders was incredibly high, as the Covid-19 pandemic had many spending most of their time at home, unable to travel for vacations. All types of pools continue to be popular additions to outdoor spaces.  In the pursuit of a safer, more natural swimming experience, some homeowners are considering investing in natural pools.

      Poolsmith Technologies, as a trusted provider of organic pool purification solutions, sometimes gets asked about the benefits of having a natural pool and whether it’s worth the investment. To help our clients make an informed decision, we’ve compiled some of the pros and cons of natural pools.


      Uses no harmful chemicals

      Natural pools are an alternative to traditional swimming pools that use pool shock chemicals. With natural pools, processes used to clean your pool water are done without as many chemical components.

      Natural pools are typically filtered through organic matter. Some pools have an area called a “regeneration zone” that is populated with aquatic plants. An overflow gutter allows water to flow to the regeneration zone, where the water is cleaned by the plants and microorganisms.

      Some natural pools have pumps that circulate water to a gravel bed planted with reeds. The gravel bed filters the water, and the nutrients it traps nourish the reeds. In turn, the reeds keep the gravel permeable.

      Low maintenance

      Because natural pools are self-cleaning, you don’t have to give them chemical treatments. Their year-to-year costs are also lower as a result. No more chemical filtration, pH balancing, chlorine, or weekly chores. Though you might still need to skim a natural pool now and again, there’s not much to do afterward.

      Also, you don’t have to winterize it. The pool will naturally freeze over like any other pond during winter and, depending on the temperatures and climate where you live, may even be a spot to skate on. It will naturally melt on its own when the warmer season comes. 

      More customization

      You can be more creative with a natural pool than a traditional one. You can choose to have your natural pool mimic the shape and appearance of a pond in the wilderness. Surrounding it with plants and hardscapes allows you to create a beautiful, park-like landscape. 

      Natural pools are suitable for all climates and utilize nature-derived materials. So it’s easy to take inspiration from your surroundings and create the wilderness-inspired oasis you want.

      Woman teaching her son how to swim


      Building expense

      Natural pools are costlier to build than traditional pools. Traditional pool building is a straightforward process for most builders, but natural pools would be similar to completely landscaping and overhauling your yard. You’re constructing an artificial ecosystem in your home.

      Furthermore, it’s not the same as landscaping to construct a pond. The pool water has to filter itself naturally. That means creating the secondary pool for filtration.

      Does not look as inviting

      People are used to seeing swimming pools that are clear and blue. A natural pool does not look like this. The water will look darker, browner, and may have the presence of algae. This might put off some swimmers who are used to conventional pools. 

      More space needed

      A natural pool will not fit in a small backyard. It requires a much larger space as a natural pool is essentially two pools: the swimming area and the regeneration zone. 

      Plants, hardscapes, and other decorative features take up space and adds up to the overall expense and difficulty of building a natural pool. 

      Choose an organic swimming experience

      A common reason people choose natural pools is not having to use chemicals to clean them and balance the water’s PH levels. However, natural pools are costly to build and maintain. Also, if you already have a traditional pool, then having a new one built is likely not a wise investment. 

      Fortunately, you don’t need to spend a fortune to be able to swim in a naturally clean pool. It’s possible to use a more natural cleaning and control system with a conventional pool.

      Poolsmith Technologies offers an organic pH control system that uses CO2, a naturally occurring gas. It’s safe, effective, and absolutely natural, balancing your pool water’s PH levels without the need for harmful chemicals. It’s also easy to install. Contact us today to get a quote or learn about how we can control your pool’s pH balance naturally.