There’s a good chance you’re doing something harmful to your pool without realizing it. What may seem like a harmless thing to do could be increasing your long-term maintenance costs, especially if done repeatedly.

      Learn about six of the most common pool maintenance mistakes made by pool owners and avoid them yourself. You’ll save more money in the long run and prevent more costly repairs.

      1. Not Wearing Swimsuits

      This is probably the most common mistake made by pool owners and non-pool owners alike. Clothes made of absorbent materials like cotton can hold a lot of pollutants that will contaminate your pool.

      Absorbent can also break down in the water as you swim. The fibers can clog pool filters, possibly leading to expensive repairs if not dealt with immediately.

      More important than the maintenance issue is the safety issue. They soak up a lot of water, weighing you down and increasing the risk of drowning.

      Always use actual swimwear made of Lycra, nylon, or spandex. They’re lightweight and aren’t absorbent, so they won’t damage your pool. They also minimize the risk of drowning.

      2. Not Brushing the Pool

      Brushing your pool can seem incredibly unrewarding. It’s tiring, tedious, and you won’t see much of a difference once you’re done.

      However, it’s essential for maintaining your pool and keeping swimmers healthy. It prevents algae and biofilm buildup and helps distribute sanitizers like chlorine more evenly. 

      Brushing may not show any immediate results, but stop doing it for long enough and you’ll see how important it is for your pool’s cleanliness and aesthetics.

      3. Not Cleaning After Your Pets Swim

      It’s perfectly fine to let your pets use your pool. Just make sure they’re not drinking the water, and it should be completely safe.

      You have to clean your pool after letting them use it, though. An average-sized dog can bring up to 3 times more contaminants than a human to the pool. Pets will also shed more hair in the pool, changing your pool’s chemistry and possibly clogging the filters.

      Use a water clarifier after your pet uses your pool to break down the pollutants they leave in it.

      Pool PH testing

      4. Adding Chlorine During the Day

      A warm, sunny day might seem like the perfect time to do some pool maintenance. That might be true, but not when you’re adding chlorine.

      UV rays from the sun react to chlorine and cause it to convert into gas. The heat also increases evaporation and messes with pH levels. You’ll need a lot more chlorine to achieve the desired effect if you add it during hot weather.

      Add chlorine to your pool at night or when it’s cloudy outside.

      5. Backwashing Your Pool Filter Too Frequently

      Backwashing is when you reverse the flow of your filter system. This dislodges debris and contaminants so they can be flushed out.

      Don’t do it too often, though. This can put increased pressure on your filter and possibly damage it. Only do it once a week or when your filter’s pressure gauge reads 8-10 PSI.

      6. Ignoring Your Pool’s Chemistry

      Balancing your pool’s chemistry is essential because it maximizes your sanitizer’s effectiveness. Test your pool water weekly and make sure its sanitizer, pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness levels are at the appropriate levels. Cleaning your pool without balancing its chemistry is impossible.

      Make Managing Pool Chemistry Easier

      You can avoid these common pool maintenance mistakes by getting a CO2-based pH control system from Poolsmith Technologies. It provides a safe, effective way to manage your pool’s pH level without handling chemicals.

      Order your pH control system now by calling us at 480-570-5716 or filling out our contact form.