Pools are undeniably fun and perfect for enjoying hot days. However, safety should always come first . The lack of a proper system for controlling pH levels or not having proper safety measures might result in injury to children.

      Enjoy your day in the sun while staying safe with these 3 tips for ensuring swimming pool child safety.

      Closely Supervise Children

      Perhaps the best deterrent against accidents in the pool is simply to supervise your children. Make sure your children are always close enough for you to take immediate action.

      That said, you can’t keep your child on a short leash every time the family is out for a swim. That’s not fun for either of you. Your most important task while supervising your child is to teach them how to swim.

      Swimming lessons are a health-care priority at the pool. Being able to swim by no means prevents any and all chance of drowning, but it’s the best way to prepare them physically and emotionally.

      Install a Pool Fence

      As much as you might want to always have your children in sight to keep them safe, it’s not always possible. There will always be other things that demand your attention, and they could get in trouble while you’re distracted. For example, they could try to use the pool or play near it unsupervised.

      You can prevent any pool-related accidents by installing a pool fence. A pool fence acts a physical barrier between children and the pool, and it’s required in most of the US. Pool fences should be a minimum 4ft tall, be made of high-strength mesh, and should not have any foot or handholds so it can’t be climbed.

      Admittedly, pool fences aren’t exactly pretty. If this is a concern, you can remedy it by getting a removable model. They’re just as safe and are more versatile.

      house with pool and fence

      Invest in a CO2 pH Control System

      Pools should ideally have a pH level of 7.4. A pH level lower than 7 means a substance is acidic while a pH level higher than 7 means a substance is alkaline.

      Highly acidic water will remove your body’s natural oils and irritate your eyes and skin. It can erode metal ladders and cause them to be unstable. Highly alkaline water, on the other hand, will inactivate chlorine the higher its pH level is. It will also cause the water to become cloudy and allow bacteria and pathogens to contaminate it.

      In either case, the water isn’t safe for children or for anyone, especially if ingested.

      While you can use chemicals to balance your pool’s pH level, a pH control system that uses CO2 to balance pH levels is much safer for children. It’s completely natural and non-toxic, and there’s no risk of your children getting injured from chemical exposure

      Get a CO2-based pH Control System From Poolsmith Technologies

      Poolsmith Technologies will equip you with an easy-to-install, safe, non-toxic CO2 pH control system for your pool so you can keep your children safe while they have fun.

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