Hydrochloric acid is typically used to regulate the pH level in pool water. However, long-term exposure can be harmful. People exposed to muriatic acid (a diluted form of hydrochloric acid) for an extended period of time have reported developing chronic bronchitis, dermatitis, and photosensitization.

      Here we’ve compiled a list of reasons why you need to find a substitute for muriatic acid to maintain your pool’s pH balance.

      4 Reasons You Need a Substitute for Muriatic Acid

      Causes Irritations

      If you add muriatic acid straight to your pool, you risk creating a hot spot of acid that might burn or irritate your skin if you swim too soon. Muriatic acid, even when diluted, has the ability to inflict injury. Swimming in this type of acid can irritate your eyes and respiratory tract, resulting in coughing, hoarseness, and respiratory inflammation.

      Some people will tell you that swimming is safe merely 30 minutes after muriatic acid has been added to your pool water. However, if you want to be cautious, wait three to four hours before swimming in your pool, and be sure to test the water even before then.

      Storage and Disposal

      Due to the corrosive nature of hydrochloric acid, metal containers are not appropriate storage containers. Muriatic acid may generally be stored in plastic containers, such as PVC containers. Close the container firmly and put it somewhere secure.

      It should be stored in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated place and kept away from sources of moisture. Keep oxidizing agents, organic compounds, metals, and alkalis far as these are incompatible materials.


      Property Damages

      If you use too much muriatic acid, your pH will drop to dangerously low levels. Metals in your pool, such as railings, ladders, bolts, screws, and other important equipment, can be damaged by low pH levels.

      This chemical use and pH shift may be aggravating and expensive, which is why you should avoid using muriatic acid in the first place. Some pool specialists would not advise novice pool owners to use muriatic acid to balance the alkalinity levels in their home pool. It’s best to leave this to the professionals.

      Time Consuming

      Muriatic acid is a caustic substance that should be handled with care and with the proper safety equipment to avoid any mishaps. If you don’t know what you’re doing, it might take a long time.

      You may need to keep adding and testing for a while to achieve the appropriate amounts. Many people opt to hire someone to do it for them because pool upkeep may be too demanding of their time.

      Maintaining Your Swimming Pool

      Whether you’re dealing with hydrochloric acid in diluted household cleansers at home or in concentrated forms at work, you must take great caution while working with this toxic, corrosive liquid.

      If you’re worried about putting acid in your pool, Poolsmith Technologies offers liquid acid alternatives for pools by using a CO2-based pH management system. Your pool will be clean and safe as a result of this.

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