According to the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP), the United States has 10.4 million residential swimming pools and 309,000 public pools.

      While it may be a fun addition to any home and a public pool is certainly a great way to bring a community together, the upkeep and maintenance may be a little more complicated. Many opt to use a tried and true method like using liquid acid to maintain their pool. However, it can be hazardous because of its fumes or if unintentionally splashed or spilled.

      To avoid using liquid muriatic acid to maintain the chemical balance in your swimming pool, Poolsmith Technologies has compiled a list of safe alternatives to muriatic acid.

      What to Use Instead of Muriatic Acid

      Sodium Dichlor and Trichlor

      Sodium dichlor and trichlor are EPA-registered pesticides advertised as pool and spa sanitizers. Both of them are stabilized chlorines. They have cyanuric acid which acts as a blocker of UV radiation that breaks down chlorine. Dichlor and trichlor are used in outdoor pools as pucks/tablets.

      Dichlor and trichlor come in granular or tablet form which is a simple and convenient way to chlorinate pools continuously. They are effective in reducing or eliminating the need for muriatic acid because of having a pH range of about 3 to 7. 

      One downside to sodium dichlor and trichlor, however, is that they are still considered volatile materials. Mix it with the wrong type of chemical and you run the risk of injuries. Be sure to use this substance with care.

      Sodium Bisulfate

      Another approach to reducing pH without using muriatic acid is to use sodium bisulfate, often known as dry acid. It is not a sanitizer, unlike sodium trichlor and dichlor.

      Sodium bisulfate comes in a white, grainy crystalline solid. It easily dissolves in water, so if you spread it out across the surface, you may apply it right to the deep end of the pool.

      It may not be something you’ve heard of before, but it’s a lifesaver when your pool’s chemicals are out of whack. In many situations, sodium bisulfate is recommended for pool maintenance since it is a dry acid that is gentler than liquid muriatic acid and does not produce the same alkalinity and pH spikes that muriatic acid may do.

      Organic pH Control System

      Pool PH testing

      It’s the most well-tested residential CO2 system on the market. The benefits of this system include a safer, more convenient pool care experience, a continuously balanced pH even in the most extreme situations.

      Carbon dioxide is a non-corrosive gas that may be used to replace other acids in the pool and spa chemical treatments, such as muriatic acid. It produces carbonic acid, H2CO3, a weak acid that is used to reduce the water’s pH level.

      Instead of liquid acid, the CO2-based pH control system uses all-natural carbonic acid. It creates a unique, non-toxic acid using an entirely organic method that requires no handling, mixing, or dispensing.

      Ready to Dive In?

      Poolsmith Technologies has completely revolutionized the way you can maintain your pool. With the introduction of CO2, we are able to offer a unique, non-toxic approach to maintaining your pool’s pH balance.

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