We're Different! Seriously.

Organic pH

Designed as a stand−alone CO2 system, specifically for residential pools; works independent of your sanitizer system.

Designed an "acid feed" system that can be converted to a CO2 system (if you purchase their multiple kits).


Designed for DIY installation − literally; can be installed in 30 minutes or less without ANY plumbing.

Recommend professional installation and/or plumbing.

Injection Method

Our patented process increases CO2 effectiveness − meaning, we use less CO2 than our competitors, which saves you time and money.

Can't use our patented process − meaning, they can't get the same results. Period.

CO2 Capacity

Designed to accommodate three CO2 cylinders for ultimate convenience; CO2 can last you an entire swim season or more before needing a refill.*

Only accommodate one CO2 cylinder; they can't actually tell you how long CO2 will last with their system.


3−year warranty and 6−month money−back guarantee.

1−year warranty.

*Depending on pool size and system purchased

We stand by Organic pH as the best residential CO2 system on the market. That's why if you aren't happy, we aren't happy either.

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  • Organic pH
  • Planet Friendly
  • Organic pH
  • Planet Friendly
  • Organic pH